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How would each member take a selca with you for the first time? (as boyfriend and girlfriend)

hope it’s okay i wrote yours as a babble and switched it up a little bit! xx

#52: how he takes pictures with you 

Mark: He’s always wants to take a picture with you, but he just was so damn shy, even when he’s your boyfriend. Every time you two go out, he wanted to capture all the moments, but he could never perk up the courage to ask you. When you finally say, “Let’s take a picture!” He gets so excited he rushes right next to your side, “Let me hold the camera,” he says, and he takes the picture, smiling down at it and then asks for another since he’s got the chance. ;-) 

Jr: He’s wanted to take a picture with you for a while, but he was shy about taking of himself with someone as pretty as you. “Jinyoung, you look so good in that shirt,” you’d say encouragingly, “Let’s take a picture.” He tries to say no shyly, but after you wave him over he can’t resist so he comes close to you and you snap the picture. “I dooo look good that shirt,” he says, laughing at the adorable picture of both of you with your heads pushed together. “You always look good,” you say, and then he laughs again and gives you a kiss on the cheek. 

JB: You think that you know JB’s picture style — cool, calm, collected.. but man, are you WRONG, LOL! You hold the camera up, smiling normally, and right when you’re about to snap the picture JB throws on a ridiculous UGLY FACE, squinting his eyes and then makes his mouth into a buck teethed expression. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” you say, hitting him. “Take a nice picture!!!!” you yell, and he replies, “Fine, fineeeee,” and you think that it’s going to be okay this time — wrong. AGAIN. JB crosses his eyes and then sticks a tongue out. The pictures are too funny to delete, so you both just sit there, ending up taking ridiculously ugly pictures, knowing there would be time for some other ones later. 

Jackson: Let’s get real, you guys probably have a billion selfies together before you even started dating. This time, Jackson makes his usual cute but sexy pose and then takes the phone from you, chuckling a little bit. “I look so stupid,” he says, “But send it to me anyway,” and then he sits there and contemplates a little bit. “Why am I so good looking?” he asks, and you burst into laugher, pushing him over the bench you were sitting on. He’s sitting on the ground now, a little shocked, and you bend over, taking a picture of yourself and his stunned face. “I think this might be my favourite picture of us now,” you say, and Jackson pulls you down to the ground with him. “I hate you,” he says, and then gives you a big fat kiss. 

BamBam: He makes sure you guys get all your good angles in. “Tilt it this way!!” he says, taking your hand and trying to shift the camera so you both looked your best in it. “Ahhhdfjsdklfsdf, YOU CAN’T GET MY ANGLES IN!” he says, jokingly but half serious, and he takes the camera away from you. “Watch the magic,” he says, and he gets both of you in. “Pretty damn good,” you agree as you take the picture from him. “Okay, now send it to me, we both look really good,” he says, smiling, and you both laugh. 

Youngjae: He’d pose with you very conservatively at first, both of you smiling regularly, but after you take a look at that picture, he insists on taking another one with you. “AGAIN!!” he says, adjusting the your hand to different angle and then this time he makes a different pose. “Okay, one more time,” he says, and then makes ANOTHER ONE. “What are you doing, Youngjae…….” you ask, laughing at him. “I just want the right one,” he says, shrugging, and then he takes your phone into his hands and keeps snapping and snapping, and pretty soon, it’s just pictures of him while you’re sitting there, laughing at him. 

Yugyeom: “Can we take a picture?” you ask Yugyeom a little shyly. You had been dating for a while now, but really wanted to have a picture with him to show your mum. “Of course,” he says, smiling sweetly at you. You pull out your phone, aiming up high to get him in (bc he’s so freaking tall lol) and right when you snap it — he gives you a big kiss on the cheek, and you blush, looking at the picture. Guess you wouldn’t be sending this one to your mom…. lol 

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